“Farmageddon” and Paleo diet foods – Protecting family farms

The premiere showing of “Farmageddon” was hosted by Slow Food DC to an enthusiastic audience on Thursday. night. The film, directed by Kristin Canty, highlights the plight of small farms across the country and the raids by the FDA and USDA dumping precious food produced by these farms. The farms produce safe wholesome food for their family, friends and willing customers.

A mother of four, Canty undertook the project upon being met with disbelief when she talked about raids on small farms. “I told everybody,” she said, “but no one would listen.” Since people didn’t believe that the federal government would spend so much money and time to try to limit consumers’ choices and put small farms out of business through raids, Canty felt compelled to shed light on the issue.

Sheep grazing peacefully. Can the FDA and USDA be far off?

One of the focuses of the film are the raids on dairy farms that produce raw milk. While dairy is not a Paleo diet food, raw dairy can play an important role in good health, especially for children in the curing of allergies and asthma. Because of the power of raw dairy to heal I believe that some should be part of a Paleo diet, even though it is true, our paleo ancestors did not milk cows or goats.

Canty came to understand the power of healthy food when her son’s severe allergies and health problems were healed on a diet that included raw milk. “Charlie was allergic to the world,” Canty said of her then-four-year-old. Now 16 and thriving, Charlie once suffered from asthma and a hearing impairment because of fluid buildup, and he was not growing well. When conventional medicine failed to help, Canty researched alternative therapies. “Charlie was completely healed by raw milk,” Canty said.

Why is this film important to those follow a Paleo diet? The battle for these farms represents freedom, the freedom for us to choose sources of food that align with our values. Anyone who is serious about following the Paleo diet and truly eating as our ancestors did, knows the importance of having available fresh organic food and pastured animal products. These are foods that cannot be had from the factory farms. And if you are eating dairy while on the diet, then having fresh raw dairy products is really a must.

By contrast, large farms are not required to disclose the chemicals they use, are allowed to grow chickens who live their whole lives in small spaces, and are allowed to plant genetically modified crops that cross-pollinate with organic crops. … carry on reading the article here.

Since we are all obviously concerned with the food we eat, doesn’t it make sense to find the best source? These small family farms are our only source for the best and freshest Paleo diet foods on the planet.

To get involved in protecting our small farms go to: Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Of course the best way to help out is to buy as much as possible from your local family farm. For information on where to find these farms, click here. To request a screening in your city: http://farmageddonmovie.com.


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